As Californian Republicans Resist A Congressional Annihilation, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Faces A Judgment


When the House voted to reverse the Affordable Care Act, Kevin McCarthy marched with other Republican litigators to a pretentious Rose Garden celebration, grinning alongside President Trump as they acknowledged the moment.

As a majority leader McCarthy had assisted surveying the votes to scarcely pass the challenging litigation potently 13 other California Republicans to proceed even though many encountered resilient reelection battles.

With the beating of Rep. David Valadao, who had outlived continual provocations in his Central Valley district, Republicans will detain just seven of the state’s 53 House seats, the minuscule in more than 70 years.

The Hanford Republican spearheaded on election night but undeviatingly fell away as representatives enumerated mail-in and other ballots. When Fresno and Kings Counties reconditioned their tally, Democrat TJ Cox unfurled a 529-vote dominance that capably concluded his victory.

The GOP’s depletion underlining an appalling midterm election for long agonizing California Republicans, have engendered some to examine McCarthy’s judgment.

His potential to instruct unyielding fidelity from his California comrades on matters such as healthcare, gun control and an unpopular tax bill reinforced the Bakersfield Republican on Capitol Hill and increased his stock with Trump. However, it may have assisted liquidating his home state legation.

In a statement, McCarthy indicated to a deluge of outside disbursing as the source of Republican diminution and also condemned how ballots are flung and enumerated in California, a procedure that permits ballots to dribble in succeeding election day and needs arduous review.

Dennis Wheeler

Dennis Wheeler is the lead editor for Lake View Expositor. Dennis has been working as a journalist for nearly a decade having published pieces in many print and digital publications including the New York Post and the Huffing Post. Larry is based in Hartford and covers issues affecting his city and state. When he’s not busy in the newsroom, Larry enjoys playing golf.

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