California Is Handling Its Forests But Is President Governing Its Federal Land


The great fire of 1910, charred 3 million acres across Washington Idaho and Montana and terminated 86 people. It also assisted transfigure U.S. Forest Service policy. The agency commanded that all fires must be doused at the earliest curtailing flames that for centuries had regenerated the forests.

The government power on what had been clearly restoring ecosystems labeled the commencement of forest mismanagement enactment that pursued for decades, abandoning 21st-century California in midst of what one state commission has called an unparalleled environmental disaster.

The issue has been propelled to the forefront by rising sequence of lethal wildfires, involving last year’s Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, the biggest in the state. The 2017 flare up that begrimed a major part of the wine country in Napa and Sonoma counties terminating 44 and last month’s campfire that terminated atleast 88 people and shattered almost 14000 homes, both documents for wildfires in the Golden State.

The blame game has been a touchy affair especially since President Donald Trump stacked blame for the fires on blunder by California officials and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke vociferated draconian environmental groups, that he said would rather be engulfed by fire rather than burning down the whole forest than cut a single tree or disperse the forest.

The paradox is that 57 percent of California’s 33 million acres of forest are managed by the federal government. And also the timber industry which Trump’s team seems to be attempting to assist has rammed the US for investing minuscule in the priceless wild space.

Dennis Wheeler

Dennis Wheeler is the lead editor for Lake View Expositor. Dennis has been working as a journalist for nearly a decade having published pieces in many print and digital publications including the New York Post and the Huffing Post. Larry is based in Hartford and covers issues affecting his city and state. When he’s not busy in the newsroom, Larry enjoys playing golf.

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